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Gilmore Girls was added to Netflix at the beginning of October and if you’re anything like us you’ve binge-watched all seven seasons while laugh-crying and eating way too much junk food. While the show absolutely holds up (minus some questionable early ’00s fashion and music choices) we do have some questions about the Girls that remain frustratingly unanswered.

1. Why would Chilton accept Rory two months into Sophomore year?

“Welcome to Chilton! Here’s 40 pounds of homework” (via tookieclothespins)

And why would they give her like a week’s notice to find funding? Enrollment is decided at the beginning of the year. Does Chilton just enjoy stressing out 16-year-old girls?

2. Why do they eat at Luke’s every day?

it’s not for the friendly service (via giphy)

Luke and Lorelai’s chemistry could not outweigh the financial strain of eating at least two meals a day out on a single income. Maybe Luke’s as a coffee stop makes sense, but when the best chef in the entire world ever Sookie could make your meals for FREE, why in the world would you go to a mere okay diner?

Plus, Stars Hollow is a 40 minute bus ride from Chilton, yet Rory still has time to go to Luke’s before school? And why is it always so crowded when she does? Is everyone in town just hanging out at diners at 6:30 in the morning?

3. What was up with Luke and Jess’s apartment?


some wardrobe mixups were inevitable (via fckyeahgilmoregirls)

Luke and Jess were just living in one big room together without and doors or privacy. Luke specifically bought the building next door to expand his apartment, but he decided a separate room with walls and a door to muffle the sounds of death metal wasn’t a better choice than sharing a big room with a teenager?

6. What was up with Luke and Lorelai’s home improvements?

There’s no way Lorelai wouldn’t make TJ use the fuzzy hammer? (via weheartit)

Why would Lorelai and Luke do all that home renovating just to make the master bedroom bigger? Is Luke just obsessed with making all rooms bigger without actually adding any new rooms?

7. Michel was not a good employee. Why did Lorelai and Sookie hire him at the Dragonfly?

your ENTIRE JOB is talking to people (via leslienorp)

As a concierge Michel’s main duty was to be nice to guests, but he was blatantly rude and actively avoided doing any work. Sure, Sookie and Lorelai may have put up with him at the Independence Inn, but it’s just poor management for a new business to hire someone so incredibly off-putting for a job that requires human interaction.

8. How the hell was Rory Valedictorian?


Dignified representative of the student body (via yinekarnimacikti)

There’s no way Rory had better grades than Paris at Chilton. Rory got really bad grades when she first started — even extra credit won’t take a D to an A. Any group project would have never done as well without Paris’s leadership — Rory was totally riding on Paris’s coattails.

9. Why does Paris want to be a doctor?

y’know, like doctors do (via Paris Geller)

None of her extracurricular interests are sciencey. She likes The Power of Myth and Noam Chomsky and was the editor of the newspaper. Did she just decide that “doctor” is the most impressive job and ignore all of her interests and skills? Even if she did have a secret passion for doctoring, why would she get accepted to med school when almost everything on her resume was literature based?

10. Where is Kirk’s Chest?

Makes him a pretty unconvincing prostitute (via austennerdita)

How did his chest get that tiny? I don’t mean to be rude, but wow that’s a tiny chest.

11. There’s no way Rory would have graduated on time after taking all that time off at Yale.

Plus weekly therapy sessions take up a lot of time (via thedoseofreality)

She said she was doing extra work and taking an extra heavy course load, but Yale’s a really hard school and finishing on time after taking a semester off is impossible without sacrificing everything else in your life. Rory was still dating Logan and being Lane’s maid of honor and dealing with Paris being Paris, which would take up at least half of her time.

12. How did that spontaneous Paris wedding work?

somehow this was the simplest wedding on the show (via mindykhaling)

You can’t just marry someone in Paris and have it be legally binding in the US. There’s a lot of extra paperwork.

13. What happened to Mr. Kim?

How is she qualified to give dating advice? (via daniellemohlman)

For the first couple of seasons, Lane refers to her “parents” even though we only ever see Mrs. Kim. Eventually she drops that and only ever talks about her mom. So what happened to Mr. Kim? When Lane was getting married, Mrs. Kim said that she only had to have sex with her husband once. So, did he die? Did he leave because she wouldn’t have sex with him more than once? Either way, it’s insane that they’d never mention the fact that he just disappears.

13. Why is the Luke the only decent guy?


the better the hair, the worse the boyfriend (via buzzfeed)

Dean fuckin’ Forrester. He’s whiny, clingy, and boring. Dean’s the kind of boyfriend you think you want when you’re 16, before growing up and realizing that he’s the most obnoxious guy ever. He didn’t get Rory at all, and he just got more caveman-like as time went on. Yeah, it wasn’t cool of Rory to lead him on for so long when she clearly had feelings for Jess, but he handled everything so terribly that it’s hard to feel bad for him. Also, fuck him for cheating on his wife.

But Jess, too, man. The first time you watched it, he seemed like the perfect rebel. Or at least perfectly not Dean. But he’s just an communication-inept jerkface who’s not there for Rory when she needs him.

And Logan, Max, Christopher, Tristan, Jason, or that Alex dude? All trashmen.

14. How is Taylor allowed to have all of the authority in Stars Hollow?

Is town killjoy an elected position? (via lukesdiner)

Why do people let Taylor run the town? No one likes him, and everyone is annoyed by him. Sure, he deals with all the stuff no one else wants to, but somehow he manages to have EVERY authority position in the town despite regularly blackmailing and manipulating the town residents. What was the Mayor of the town doing? Why was Taylor not the Mayor? Why did the Mayor let Taylor do all these crazy things uncontested? Why did no one go to the Mayor to stop Taylor from his tyrannical rule of this town?



Where is Miss Patty finding all these little girls to torture? (via gilmoregirlsgifs)

Town meetings consist of the same 20-30 people every time, yet they somehow have something like 4 Asian fusion restaurants, stores and shops for every conceivable thing you’d want, and a seemingly endless supply of small children to dance in ridiculous costumes. It wavers between something like maybe a few hundred people live here to oh no there’s gotta be tens of thousands.

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