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Have you ever watched a TV show and thought to yourself, “Where’s that door go? I have never once seen someone use that door.” If you’re a normal person, your curiosity dies there and you go on about your night Facebook stalking and channel surfing.

Well, Deviantart user Inaki Aliste Lizarralde AKA nikneuk, isn’t your average person. What they did instead, was create these little works of art, these impeccably detailed and eye-grabbing floor plans for a wide array of TV and movie homes.

 Now you know: That door was a closet.


Scroll below for some of the floor plans, or check out more of their work here. Oh, and they’ve got an Etsy page.


1. Jerry Seinfeld’s Apartment (Seinfeld)


2. Lorelai and Rory Gilmore’s House (Gilmore Girls)



3. Joey & Chandler and Monica & Rachel’s Apartments (Friends)


4. Charlie Harper’s Beach House (Two and a Half Men)


5. Carl Fredricksen’s House (Up)

6. Dexter Morgan’s Apartment (Dexter)

7. The Simpsons’ House (The Simpsons)


8. Ted Mosby’s Apartment (How I Met Your Mother)


9. Sheldon & Leonard and Penny’s Apartments (The Big Bang Theory)


10. Frasier Crane’s Enormous Apartment (Frasier)


11. Carrie Bradshaw’s Apartment (Sex and the City)



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