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It’s easy to get lost in an animated show for hours without even batting an eye at the main characters’ clearly horrendous proportions. Some of these characters’ eye sockets are the size of their entire body. But as famed Simpsons creator Matt Groening once said:

“The secret of designing cartoon characters is you make a character that you can tell who it is in silhouette. It makes for a more memorable character.”

Which is great and all for us and our feeble memories, but just horrible for these for poor animated characters’ posture. (Sidenote: Animated chiropractors must make a killing. Animated pilot, anyone?)

Sadly though, up until recently, the only time we’d catch a glimpse of these cartoon characters’ bone structure is when they stumbled into an x-ray for some G-rated hijinks. Thanks to artist Michael Paulus, we now have a better look into the what lies beneath our favorite characters.¬†

Check out some of his ultra-realistic skeletal drawings below, or check out the rest at his site. If you simply CAN’T GET ENOUGH OF THESE, you can even buy a print on etsy.

1. Dexter 

2. Betty Boop

3. Charlie Brown

4. Fred Flintstone

5. Tweety Bird

6. Blossom

7. Linus

8. Snoopy

9. Bubbles

10. Pikachu

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