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Your roommate may be a jerk, but count your blessings. They could be any of these assholes.  


1. This guy who had sex on his roommate’s pillow


Source: FunnyJunk



2. This person who decided to give their roommate a heart attack 


Source: Reddit


3. These guys who got into a creatively passive aggresive fight


Source: Reddit


4. This roommate who leaves moldy dishes all up on the kitchen counter 



Source: madamenoire


5. These jerks who put a table on their sleeping roommate



Source: 4Gifs 


6. This roommate who taped everything on the ceiling 



Source: designzzz


7. This dude who threw a firecracker into the shower 


Your Roommate Isnt as Bad As These Roommates

Source: gifbin


8. This roommate who doesn’t understand the concept of a trashcan¬†



9. This spideyman who duct taped his roommate to the couch


Source: iruntheinternet


10. This guy who thought Slenderman was some sort of laughing matter 


Source: tumblr


11. This roommate who complained about cleanliness using old, discarded toast


Source: msn 

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